Facebook updates Messenger on desktop and is inspired by mobile

There was a time, Facebook was based on its desktop version to build its mobile ecosystem. In 2017, it seems that the trend has reversed. Two years ago, Facebook unveiled the redesign of "Messenger", the instant messenger service on Facebook. The goal: to dissociate on mobile the application of the social network and the one dedicated to discussions. A real cardboard since in 2016, Messenger is among the most downloaded mobile applications, just like Facebook. The social network has thus succeeded in creating among its consumers the habit of using the two applications separately, notably by providing additional functionalities to the mobile version of Messenger.

Facebook has recently unveiled a major update to the desktop version of Messenger, which now includes mobile functionality and a similar experience. The same elements of design have been taken over, and Messenger should see the desktop features very quickly the features of the mobile app. We will surely know more at the Facebook F8 conference to be held next April.

When Facebook Messenger ...

... transposes the mobile to desktop

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