A lion 15 meters long carved in a single tree trunk

Wood carving is a masterful art, less and less practiced, but whose current guardians do not lack ingenuity and talent to attract attention to their creations.

In the Chinese city of Wuhan throne for a few months a huge wooden lion. The latter was carved by the artistDengding Rui Yao helped by a team of 20 people and we can say that they did a lot of work.

This sculpture represents aChinese guardian lion and refers to those statues very present at the time in the imperial palaces which, in legend, had protective powers. It still needed 3 years to the team to work the trunk of the huge redwood in picture below.

The lion measures near 15 meters longand4 meters wide for 5 meters high. We do not know if he will protect with his powers theFortune Plaza Times Square on which it was installed. But we can guarantee that the artists behind this work have great powers ... because it's simply the largest wood carving in the world !

Imagined by: Dengding Rui YaoSource:

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