Sony turns you into GIF thanks to its PlayStation VR

Virtual reality opens an incredible field of possibilities and sensations, especially in the world of video games. Sony has recently unveiled the PlayStation VR, its own virtual reality headset dedicated to PlayStation 4. This new accessory was also presented in greater detail at the Paris Games Week, where visitors were able to come and test it. live. On this occasion, the brand collaborated with the Biborg agency to set up an interactive experience on the PlayStation stand.

The latter were invited to create a GIF from their faces, illustrating the sensations provided by virtual reality. At the end of each game test, users were asked to sit in front of a screen equipped with a photobooth to mimic a desired expression.

An original initiative that enhances the user experience on the PlayStation stand, and perfectly illustrates the sensations provided by virtual reality.

no idea of ​​Sony & Biborg

Video: PlayStation VR Worlds PSVR Part 2 - VR Luge (March 2020).