The winners of the contest for the most beautiful underwater photo in 2018

The ocean is an environment that fascinates as much as it scares. And for good reason: we do not know yet all the secrets it contains. Created in 1965, theUnderwater Photographer of the Year (UPY) is a competition dedicated to photographers from around the world reward the most beautiful shots made in the marine and underwater world.

And if we talk to you about theUPY today is because the winning selection of the 2018 edition has just been revealed. In total, it is not less than 5000 photos issues of 63 different countries who have been competing for this edition. The best "Underwater photographers" so have clashed in different categories that offer us, once again, fascinating shots breathtaking.

The big winner of the 2018 edition is called Tobias Friedrich, he is German and he realized a superb panoramic view of the ship wrecked SS Thistlegorm. We let you discover below the various winning shots of this 2018 edition and we invite you to visit the official website of the competition to know more.

Credits : Tobias Friedrich

Credits : Martin Edser

Credits : Tanya Houppermans

Credits : Filippo Borghi

Credits : Wendy Timmermans

Credits : Shane Gross

Credits : Grant Thomas

Credits : Greg Lecoeur

Credits : TianHong Wang

Credits : Renee Capozzola

Credits : Borut Furlan

Credits : Songda Cai

Credits : Marchione dott. Giacomo

Credits : Pekka Tuuri

Credits : Wendy Timmermans

Credits : Robert Marc Lehmann

Credits : Tobias Friedrich

Credits : Filippo Borghi

Credits : Mike Korostelev

Credits Brian Eckstein

Credits : Herbert Meyrl

Credits : Jacob Degee

Credits : Sarah Vasend

Credits : Rodney Bursiel

Credits : Susannah H. Snowden-Smith

Credits : Greg Lecoeur

Credits : Santosh Shanmuga

Credits : Brook Peterson

Credits : Adriano Morettin

Credits : Matt Curnock

Credits : Mika Saareila

Imagined by: Underwater Photographer of the Year (UPY)

Video: The Winners Of The 2018 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition (April 2020).