Short films

"The story of an idea" summarized in this beautiful animation of 3 minutes

Every year,Google I / O groups together thousands of developers from around the world to San Francisco to follow the progress of the giant Mountain View. And as with each edition, the company reserves small surprises to its audience, as here in 2017, with the creation of a 3-minute animated film which represent the story of an idea. An animation that will not fail to touch you as the allegories are just and relevant.

We find this film beautiful and very powerful because its history is very revealing. It starts in black and White with a character hesitating before an idea that seems rather insignificant. The black and White mean the draft of all thought before taking action and the egg is obviously the allegory of this idea that has not yet hatched. And then, there are ups and downs that we have all undergone before seeing the excitement of the development of her idea and finally, her hatching ... until she surpasses its creator.

This little animation was done by the French François-Xavier Goby alias FX Goby in the middle. The latter joined the Australian studioMighty Nice to imagine the whole scenario.

Imagined by: FX Goby andGoogle Developers

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