Bus drivers forced to pedal to raise awareness of safety distances with cyclists

On the road, apart from pedestrians, the most exposed users are undoubtedly cyclists. And when you live in a big city and use a bike for your travels, it's not uncommon to get a closebuswhich by its mass and the produced wind can surprise you and destabilize you.

A problem that seems to have given an idea to the city ofCariacica, at Brazil. In this agglomeration of 300,000 inhabitantsthe city's transport service offered a special day of training for bus drivers. The goal? Recall their obligation to maintain a minimum safety distance of 1.5 meters with cyclists.

To do so, bikes have been grounded at the edge of a test road. Bus drivers in the city used them while their colleagues were grazing them with the bus by not respecting the regulatory distances. The goal was obviously to make them feel the stress that cyclists can have in this kind of situation.

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If the operation may seem extremely crude and dangerous, it must be confessed that the idea of ​​empowering with experience also immersive must be damn effective! It only remains to do the same thing with motorists a little too sticky ... 😏

Finally, if you are an aficionados of cyclist vs motorists on the roads, so we advise you this little cycling glove with a smiley to calm tensions with other users.

Credits : City of Cariacica

Credits : City of Cariacica

Credits : City of Cariacica

Imagined by: City of Cariacica (Brazil)

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