This Australian city had a simple but great idea to limit ocean pollution

You know it if you follow Creapills regularly: the simplest ideas are often the best. And in terms of pollution, a city has had a very interesting initiative, which however you will see is very simple, to face this terrible plague that is the pollution of the oceans and Nature in general.

Cape Town forAustralia to discover this idea that we owe to Kwinana, a city of 40,000 inhabitants in the suburbs of Perth. To cope with plastic pollution and floating waste in the oceans, the city of Kwinana had the idea to set up drainage nets that act as real waste traps.

These nets were placed on the outputs of drainage systems and have been designed to prevent plastic waste and others, transported by rainwater, or deliberately thrown by individuals, to flow into the wild and into the oceans. These traps also have the advantage of being particularly easy to install and once full, just pick them up with a crane.

The waste collected is then transported to a sorting facility where the recyclable garbage those who are not. Note that these nets are absolutely not dangerous for the local fauna: at the time of writing, no animals have been caught in a net. Mayor Adams of the City of Kwinana speaks about this initiative:

We know that the Kwinana community is passionate about environmental initiatives and regularly mobilizes around actions that have a positive impact on the planet. Without these drainage systems, more than 370 kg of debris would have ended up in the ocean.

This malignant drainage system should be democratized in 2019 in the entire community of Kwinana, following the success in the field but also on social networks. Shared on the Facebook page of the city, the image below was shared 185,000 times ! A good example that we hope will continue to tour the web to inspire many communities around the world.

Credits : City of Kwinana

Credits: City of Kwinana

Credits: City of Kwinana

Credits: City of Kwinana

Credits: City of Kwinana

Imagined by: City of Kwinana (Australia)

Video: The surprising solution to ocean plastic. David Katz (April 2020).