The star egg of Instagram is hatching ... and the brands are fighting to be "the chick"

This is without a doubt the most significant event ofInstagram these last weeks. We were talking to you at the beginning of January on the occasion of an article on Creapills : a simple photo ofegg had broken the record of likes on Instagram held until then by Kylie Jenner.

Posted on a baptized account EGG GANG (@world_record_egg), this egg then became popular all over the world, in the utmost absurdity, and counts at the time of writing these lines no less than 52 million of likes. But obviously, this story is far from over, since the creator anonymous from the account posted three more photos where we can see this same egg hatch gradually.

What will happen? What shape will the chick who will hatch from this egg? The tension is at its height while the three publications that are counted to date, which follow the initial post, count between 5 and 10 millions of likes. One wonders who can hide behind this account, if it is an operation of Mark or not ... And according to the different discussions on the web, the brands and even NGO many would like to put their stamp on this idea and become the "chick" who would come out of this egg. Nik Sharma, director of the digital agency VaynerMedia's, considers, moreover, that the advertising cost for the brand which "Éclorait" of this egg would be at least $ 10 million.

Wait and see. We wait to see the outcome, but we can only underline in any case the genius behind this idea that can boast of having created one of the biggest viral initiatives on Instagram... and who may even become rich by associating it with a brand.

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2nd post


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4th post


Imagined by: EGG Gang

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